Friday, September 12, 2008

This is it

This is really just to say good bye (for now...)

I have finished up a fabulous year in Zambia and I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have met so many amazing people, learned so much and simply gained an understanding (howerver narrow) into life in Africa. I don't think I have fully processed what I have gained from this experience but I know its touched me in ways that I may only discover years from now.

As a segway between volunteering for Engineers without Borders and returning to a full time job back in Canada, Scott and I have planned a 2.5 month adventure around Southern and Eastern Africa. He joined me last week in Nairobi and we are slowly working our way towards South Africa. We have a flight booked out of Johannesburg back to Canada on November 22nd. Between now and then we have a few plans (climb Kilimanjaro, check out the spice islands of Zanzibar and hit up an outdoor concert on the shores of Lake Malawi) but we are going to be making a lot of it up as we go along.

One day I will have to get back to 'normal' but until then I'm very much appreciating how pretty darn good life is at the moment.

Lots of love and best wishes and I really look forward to catching up at Christmas.